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Zdeněk Vápeník

+420 466 689 342

+420 604 294 120


Salvage services and towage services 24/7 

  • Departure od the towage and salvage services – at any time straightaway
  • Asistance service for your car, van or truck
  • We tow away anything from your moped up to unlimited weight
  • The full cleaning work
  • The total disposal of the vesult of the traffic accident
  • Supplying with the courtesy vehicel (PKW, LKW, BUS)
  • Accomodation avaiable
  • You can keep the vehicle in the carpark of our premises, eventually get it repaired too
  • We are able to trauship any type of the lad (general cargo, bulk, material, liquid goods eneu heated materials, all types of ADR) and than deliver the load to the place of destination
  • The access to our services all around the country and Europe