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Zdeněk Vápeník

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Truck modification

  • Interior wood work
  • Additional lights
  • Car tuning...including free photomontage, self-adhesive prints/ stickers - free designs, airbrush
  • Rustles accessories (frames, exhaust, ramps)
  • Paint spraying finish on the accessories)
  • Aluminium accessories - cover


Service of all types of trucks with specialization in SCANIA trucks

  • Maintenance
  • Air-conditioners (filling, cleaning)
  • Oil changes
  • Repairs of crashed vehicles, body repair works, painting
  • Aluminium and stainless steel welding
  • Heat fusing of plastics, air deflector and laminate repairs
  • Automobile glass replacement
  • Comprehensive works related to vehicle electric equipment (radio transmitters, radio sets, TV sets, refrigerators, auxiliary headlamps etc.)